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UGC Tuesday Ladies Golf


  A.  Terms of Membership* in University Golf Club Tuesday Ladies (UGCTL)

Women who wish to join UGCTL
  1. must have an established handicap index of 40.4 or less.
  2. be able to access and navigate the website and correspond using email.
  3. have a basic knowledge of the Rules and Etiquette of Golf. (See side column) 
  4. be aware of our Constitution and Standing Rules and agree to abide by the Attendance Requirements and Code of Conduct in the Standing Rules. (See side column)
  5. acknowledge a duty to volunteer in the management or operations of UGCTL. (UGCTL is run by volunteers and everyone should contribute.)
  6. pay the current membership fee of $150. 

* Applicants who do not have an established handicap, or handicap index greater than 40.4 can apply to join and be placed on our UGCTL "Prospective Member" List. See below. 

B. Proof of handicap: Applicants can establish their eligibility in either of the following two ways.

1.     Submit their Golf Canada Member Number, and Golf Canada factor or similar data from another e-handicap program to the Membership Chair (Some games must be from the last 12 months). --- OR ----

2.     Submit 5 attested scorecards dated within the previous 12 months from golf courses that have been officially rated, including 2 scorecards from games played at the University Golf Club. Handicap index calculated from these cards must be 40.4 or less.

 C.   Proof of other requirements: On their application form, applicants must commit that they are aware of and agree to the terms of membership.  

 D.   Prospective Members:   Applicants who do not have an established handicap, or who have a handicap index greater than 40.4 can still apply to join and be placed on our “Prospective Member” list. Prospective members may be included in a Tuesday draw if a suitable space is available. It is a great way to get to know the club members, improve one’s knowledge of the Rules and establish or improve one’s handicap. 

To find out if space is available, an approved prospective member may email the Membership Chair on Sunday to play on the coming Tuesday. The prospective member pays the same green fee as club members during the club’s allotted tee times. Prospective members are not eligible to participate in competitions.

 E.   Wait List: There currently is no wait list. However, the Executive may impose a limit on how many new members may join in a given year. The Membership Chair may, in her discretion, establish a wait list and the list of Prospective Members who have not yet met the eligibility criteria.