Golf Group Manager is intended to be a self-managed website at a price point which does not allow for individual customer support. The Troubleshooting section is to assist users to find solutions to situations that may arise.


  • Manage and Create Emails
    Improve communication within your group with one click emails to All Members, Selected members, Player Sign-up list, the Pro Shop and non-Members. Attach files and Draws.


  • About Email
    The website is a communication hub and one important component of that is the Email feature. Emails can be sent to individuals from the Member List. The Admin can send emails to all members, the Pr...
  • Create Email
    CREATE EMAILS Admin/Manage Emails/Create Emails Complete the fields: Send To: All MembersCheck box to send to all members Selected Members Check box to open the dropdown list of Members....

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some members are not receiving emails sent from our website - why is this?

    There are numerous email programs and servers where settings can be made to screen and block emails. If emails are not being received have the recipient check in their Junk email. From there they can move the email to their Inbox and add the sender to the 'safe sender'list. They can also check the filters in their email settings to not automatically delete any suspeicious email but send it to Junk. The other area to check is on the internet service provider (ISP) server to see if filters have been set their to screen emails. If in doubt or unsure how to proceed contact your ISP for assistance.

    [Updated Apr 8/11]

  • To whom do replies go from an email sent from our Golf Group Manager website when Reply All is selected?

    When a general email is sent to All Members from the Manage Email area it is distributed to all of those listed on the Member List. If a member replies to the email it will go to the person who sent the email. If Reply All is selected the email will not go to all members but just to the person who originally sent the email.
  • When using my tablet I cannot type a message into the Message box of an email

    If you are having trouble viewing GGM on a tablet, or notice functionality that does not work on a tablet, try changing the browser option to “view as desktop”. Google Chrome has this option. [Listed Feb 28 2014]