Golf Group Manager is intended to be a self-managed website at a price point which does not allow for individual customer support. The Troubleshooting section is to assist users to find solutions to situations that may arise.


  • Meeting Minutes
    Add and store years of meeting minutes for easy member access


  • About Manage Minutes
    Manage Minutes is the control centre that displays the meeting titles, dates and files uploaded. The titile of the file can be edited but to change the date and the uploaded file it will need to be...
  • Add Meeting Minutes
    From Admin/Manage Minutes open Add Minutes Complete the form: Type in the meeting title Select the meeting date from the calendar. The double arrow moves the year and the single arrow moves t...
  • Edit and Remove Minutes
    Admin/Manage Minutes/Edit (pencil icon) To Edit the Minutes Title select the Edit (pencil) icon, enter the new title and Save. Only the name of the Meeting Minutes can be edited. To change the d...