Golf Group Manager is intended to be a self-managed website at a price point which does not allow for individual customer support. The Troubleshooting section is to assist users to find solutions to situations that may arise.



  • About Manage Members
    Manage members is the control centre for administering the data associated with membership. In Members/Manage Members. Export - The membership roster can be exported to a spreadsheet Add Member -...
  • Adding and Importing Members
    Importing a group of members from a spreadsheet will save countless hours. It is important to follow the steps precisely to ease the process. It is highly recommended that the video tutorial Import...
  • Adding Individual Members
    Members that are not on the membership roster or had errors during the import can be added through the New Member Application form located on the opening page of your Group’s website, also ca...
  • Admin Status
    Members/Manage Members/EditManage Members is where Admin status is granted and removed. To grant Admin status open the profile of a member and check the ‘Yes, make this member an Administrato...
  • Import Member Roster
    Members/Manage Members/Import 1. Set the membership roster up in the same format as the example with column headers in Line 1 as: |First Name| Last Name |Email Address| Handicap |Street| City |S...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does the error message say ‘Email address is in use by an existing member’

    Members cannot share the same email address, each one must be unique. If a member belongs to another group that uses Golf Group Manager they will need to have a different email address for each Group.
    Suggestion: Create a new email address in Gmail all emails can be direct to your preferred email address mailbox.


  • When importing members some have a pink background - what does this mean?

    The pink background indicates a problem with importing that member. It is usually and error within the email address - check for the correct format. It could also be that the email address is being used by another member. Each email address must be unique with all groups using Golf Group Manager. If that member belongs to another group that has a Golf Group Manager website they will need to have a new email address for your group.
  • How do we add a member that doesn't have an email address?

    For those members that do not have an email address, create a 'fake' address for them. Such as for Mary Smith you could create . Complete the other required areas in her Personal Profile so she can be added into event sign up lists and to the Draws. Emails sent to this address will go into cyberspace and will not be received by anyone. Once Mary gets a new email address she can log in and change it in her Personal Profile.
  • How do I give a member Admin privileges?

    Under Members/Manage Members select the member that is to be given Admin privileges. There is a box at the top of their profile that can be checked to give them priviliges or unchecked to remove them. [Added August 8, 2012]