Golf Group Manager is intended to be a self-managed website at a price point which does not allow for individual customer support. The Troubleshooting section is to assist users to find solutions to situations that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is my password the same as other members?

    All members are given the same password when they initially access the website and it is the responsibility of the members to change it. To change a password go to the Welcome drop down arrow in the upper right corner of the Home page and select Change Password and complete the form.
  • What should I do when I forget my password?

    When logging in members must enter their username (email address) and password to gain access to the private area of thewebsite. All members are initially assigned the password 'golf' butit is recommended that they change it once they log in. If the member forgets their password- click on the line under the password field ‘Forgot Your Password?’ on the page that opens enter their email address that is registered to the website and click 'Email password'. A new temporary password will be sent to this address. follow the directions in the email to log in using the new temporary password (the password begins with the word 'temp') once in the website go into Change Password (in dropdown box by your photo) to set a new password Note: Be careful when copying the password from the email that youdo not include the blank space in front of the word 'temp' as it will not work.
  • When I try to log in using my user name and password the website shuts down.

    This may occur when 'pop-up' boxes are not enabled. Often the web browser is pre-set to not allow for pop-up boxes. As the login is a pop-up box it prevents accessing the website. To change this setting: Open the web browser Opened Preferences/Content Enabled 'pop-up windows' As there are several web browsers. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc and several different versions of each one you may need to use 'Search' or 'Security' instead of 'Preferences' to locate the area with the option to enable 'pop-up' boxes. [Updated April 12, 2012]