Golf Group Manager is intended to be a self-managed website at a price point which does not allow for individual customer support. The Troubleshooting section is to assist users to find solutions to situations that may arise.


  • About Personal Profile
    Member Welcome Toolbar/Edit Personal Profile Each member has an area for their personal profile on the website. The profile form has 4 required fields:First name, last name, handicap and email add...
  • Edit Personal Profile
    Welcome Toolbar/Edit Personal Profile Members can update their personal information in the Welcome tab drop down list. There are 11 fields that are preset by GGM and cannot be edited or removed. ...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need to enter my handicap in my Personal Profile?

    For Fast Draw subscribers the handicap in the Personal Profile is used when creating draws. For events where the handicap is requested at sign up, the handicap presently showing in the Profile populates the pop-up form. If the player updates their handicap in the pop-up box, the handicap in the Profile will also update.
  • Is my handicap updated following entries into our handicap network?

    There is no link between any handicap networks and Golf Group Manager. All updates to handicaps must be entered into the Personal Profile by each user whenever the handicap changes. Handicaps in the Personal Profile will populate Fast Draw for handicap events. Whenever the handicap in the Personal Profile is changed it also changes the handicap for games that players have been signed for and on the Results Sheets for each of these games. [Updated Aug 5, 2011]